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Projects Supported by the Structural Support Grants Announced

The projects to be supported by CultureCIVIC, a European Union project aiming to strengthen civil society activities in the fields of culture and arts in Turkey, during the first open call period of the Structural Support Grants have been announced. Structural Support Grants aim to strengthen the operational capacity of organizations to function independently and to sustain their operations by providing structural support

A total of 138 applications were received for the Structural Support Grants between 25 October – 10 December 2021. Applications were first evaluated by the CultureCIVIC project team, then by Esra A. Aysun, Head of Arts Turkey at British Council; Özlem Ece, Director of Cultural Policy Studies at Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts; İpek M. Sur, Senior Policy Officer for Culture and Public Diplomacy for the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands; Övgü Gökçe, Director of Diyarbakır Arts Center of Anadolu Kültür; Laden Yurttagüler, Program Coordinator of Center for Civil Society Studies, and the projects to be supported were determined.

Supported Projects

The list includes the name of the project, the name of the institution or individual and the city of activity, it has been prepared in alphabetical order according to the name of the project.

  • Ali Rıza Bey Konağı’ndan Bir Sanat Mekânına,
    Sevilay Refika Kadıoğlu, Artvin
  • Kutsal Motor, Kaan Karsan, Istanbul
  • Merkezkaç Kolektif Mekan, Remzi Sever, Diyarbakır
  • Nefes Müzik Okulu, Nefes Kültür Sanat Derneği, Gaziantep
  • PLATFORM by Geniş Açı Proje Ofisi, Refik Akyüz, Istanbul
  • REENKARNE darağaç, Cenkhan Aksoy, Izmir
  • Sanat için Habitat, Troya Kültür Derneği, Çanakkale
  • Set Kültürhane, Kültürhane Bilim Sanat Müşterekler ve Ekolojik Yaşam Dayanışma Derneği, Mersin
  • Türkiye Tiyatro Vakfı  Altyapı Güçlendirme Projesi,
    Türkiye Tiyatro Vakfı, Istanbul

Future Open Calls

Initiated by Goethe-Institut IstanbulAnadolu KültürIstanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (IKSV)Institut français de Turquie, and Danish Cultural Institute in Turkey, and in collaboration with the Embassy of the Netherlands in Turkey, CultureCIVIC supports projects and individuals that encourage cultural dialogue and public engagement, tolerance, freedom of speech, non-discrimination, social cohesion, individual freedoms and democratic processes. Priority will be given to those activities which support rights-based activities, bringing together actors from different ethnic, religious, linguistic backgrounds and giving special importance to cross-cutting issues such as promotion of gender equality, LGBTI+ rights, social cohesion, human rights, freedom of expression and children's rights.

The grant programme that will provide funding for artists, art professionals and cultural institutions features four different categories:  “Grassroots Projects”, “Structural Support”, “Inner-City Networking”, and “Art Production”. With a goal to reach beyond the major cultural hubs of Turkey, the programme targets individuals and institutions nationwide with 14 open calls in four different need-based grant categories, and expects to fund more than 1.6 million Euros for over 200 projects by March 2025.

Applications for the first open call of the Art Production Grants continue until 18 February 2022 and the second open call for the Grassroots Projects Grants will be made on 7 March 2022. The calendar of all open calls that will take place in 2022 is available on the CultureCIVIC website.

This page is published on 19 January 2022.
Last update: 8 February 2022