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Frequently Asked Questions

The frequently asked questions page about the grant programs is constantly updated after the e-mails, messages we receive from you and the informational meetings we organise. After reviewing the application guide, we recommend that you review the frequently asked questions about the grant program you want to apply for. Before contacting the CultureCIVIC project team, please check that your question about the application process is not on the FAQ page.

  • What does co-financing mean?

    If specified in the budget, co-financing may include your own resources, benefits in kind and existing or planned contributions from other grant programs.

  • Is co-financing an evaluation criterion?

    The absence of co-financing is not an evaluation criterion. However, in cases where the total budget of the applied project exceeds the maximum grant amount, information on co-financing will be evaluated.

  • Is there a fixed fee for staff salaries?

    There is no predetermined fee specified for the salaries of the personnel. It is necessary for you to determine the salaries in accordance with your business and the budget balance.

  • Should the budget plan be in Euro?

    The budget plan is to be prepared in Euro. Since you will spend your expenses in TL, it is sufficient to convert them to Euro at the current exchange rate.

  • What are indirect costs? How do we calculate the indirect costs?

    Indirect costs include unplanned expenditures that are not specified in the budget plan. These expenses are only for meeting the unexpected expenses that may arise during the project. Indirect costs should be written into the budget by calculating max. 7% of the total direct costs. No further justification is required for this item.

  • How should I fill out the budget plan?

    The budget plan is provided to serve as a template. You can add sub-items under the specified main items. Other budget items that don't fit to the specified main items are to be considered as “Other Expenditures”.

  • How are the payments made in case the grant agreement is signed?

    According to the budget and activity plan annexed to the contract to be signed by both parties, payments will be made in three rounds: (1) after the contract is signed, (2) after the approval of the progress report (3) after the approval of the final report.

  • Do all expenses incurred within the project need to be invoiced?

    Yes, all expenditures made from the project budget must be proven through documents such as invoices, receipts, bank transfer receipts. All these expenditures should be included with proofs in the financial report.

  • Who can apply?

    CultureCIVIC: Art Production Fund is open to applications from artists working in the field of visual arts and groups of artists who will produce projects together, between the ages of 25 and 45 (birth dates between 1977-1997 for the 2022 call period). Artists can apply individually or as an artist collective. In artist collectives, you must specify the names and ages of the people who will carry out the artistic production in the application form. More than one artist can make a joint application with the status of co-applicant, even without being included in the art collective. The co-applicant is the artists' partners with whom they co-design and co-execute their projects. An associate is a person or institution that receives service in a specific part of the project. Artistic Production Fund; It is not open to applications from associations, foundations, and companies.

  • What is the age limit of the project owner?

    CultureCIVIC Artistic Production Fund is open to applications from artists between the ages of 25 and 45 working in the field of visual arts and groups of artists who will produce projects together. For collectives, it is sufficient for one of the group members to be in this age range for the application to be made.

  • Can I apply as a duo or as part of a collective? Can we be beneficiaries as a team?

    Yes, joint applications are encouraged.

  • What is the scope of the Art Production Fund application?

    In the field of visual arts, the productions of artists at the beginning of their careers in painting, drawing, printing techniques, sculpture, ceramics, photography, sound, video art, and installation forms are evaluated within this scope.

  • What are the art production forms that are outside the scope of the Art Production Fund application?

    Theatrical, performance based, press-broadcasting, glass, music, illustration, documentary, and fictional film productions are not considered within this scope.

  • What is the field of video and filmmaking under the Artistic Production Fund?

    Within the scope of the Art Production Fund application, video and film production are evaluated within video art, which is a sub-genre of artistic works based on moving images. The works in this category are at the forefront of artistic quality, carrying a certain aesthetic and artistic approach, and can be included in a curatorial presentation in personal or group exhibitions after production.

  • Can post-production budget for applications in the field of video art?

    Post-production applications only are not accepted. If your application covers different stages other than post-production, it will be accepted.

  • What is the scope of the mentor support to be provided within the scope of the art production fund?

    The art production fund aims to provide mentor support to its participants within the scope of the project they have developed. It is foreseen that the mentor support, which is planned in order to strengthen the relations between disciplines and generations and to encourage learning together, will have knowledge and experience in an area that will deepen the artistic practice. In this framework, mentor support will be provided in the field that applicants need during the production process of the artwork they will develop.

  • What is the selection quota?

    Within the scope of CultureCIVIC, there is a quota for the grants distributed to support wide geography in Turkey. 10 of the 15 artistic productions to be supported by the Art Production Grants will be chosen from applications made from cities other than Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir. Among the applications made from the cities of Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, 5 projects are supported. 

  • I’m based outside of Turkey. Can I apply?

    No, only the applications of artists living and working in Turkey are accepted. Within the scope of the fund, you must carry out your artistic production activities in Turkey.

  • Can I apply with an ongoing project?

    If your project is still in development and has not been exhibited, you can apply. If your project is already supported by another organization, you must indicate this in your application.

  • I am working on a research project. Can I apply for this grant?

    No, research projects will not be funded.

  • What are the required documents when preparing an application?

    Filling the application form; you need to upload an additional Portfolio, CV, Budget, and Activity Plan at the places specified in the application form. If you have an associate, the participant statement, if there is a co-applicant, the co-applicant form should be uploaded. Note the appropriate formats involved.

  • What factors should be considered while preparing the portfolio at the application stage?
    • One PDF with relevant works and texts.
    • The works must contain a citation, if desired, short explanations can be added.
    • The portfolio format must be PDF, not exceeding 15 pages, and the total file size must be less than 8 MegaBits.
    • Upload this information in section 6 of the application form for videos and films.
    • Please name this file with your information in the following format: 
      For artist collectives' references: CollectiveName_Last_Name_CultureCIVICSanatFonu_Portfolio.pdf
      For individual applications:
  • What factors should be considered while preparing the CV at the application stage?
    • If your CV is not part of your portfolio, please submit it separately.
    • Your CV should detail education, recent projects, exhibitions, workshops, residencies, etc.
    • Your CV must be a PDF, less than 2 pages.  
    • Please rename this document with your name in the following format: 
      For artist collectives' references: CollectiveName_Last_Name_CultureCIVICSanatFonu_CV.pdf
      For individual applications:
  • What factors should be considered while preparing the budget at the application stage?
    • The budget plan draft is a sample draft. Use the necessary parts, leave the other parts blank. Upload in Excel format.
    • All the expenses you foresee should be in line with the action plan and should be justified concerning the project activities.
    • Please rename this document with your name in the following format: For artist collectives' references: CollectiveName_Surname_Name_CultureCIVICSanatFonu_Budget.xlsx For individual applications: Surname_Name_CultureCIVICSanatFonu_Budget.xlsx
    • The budget plan is issued in EURO. Unit costs and total costs are rounded up in EUR. In terms of budgeting, since you will spend your expenses in TL, you can calculate them in TL and calculate the monthly average exchange rate to Euro.
    • No bid and tender procedure is required during the project writing phase. At this point, the important thing is to calculate the most appropriate approximate cost of the actual activity.
  • What factors should be considered while preparing the action plan at the application stage?
    • The outline of the action plan is an exemplary draft. In the left column, write the details of the activities you will do in your project according to the month. Upload in Excel format.
    • All of the expenditures you foresee should be in line with the action plan and should be justified concerning the project activities.
    • You must complete your project within 12 months. It is important to plan your budget, according to the suitability of dates and times in the activity plan.
    • Please rename this document to your name in the following format: For artist collectives' references: CollectiveName_Surname_Name_CultureCIVICSanatFonu_ActivityPlan.xlsx
      For individual applications: Surname_Name_CultureCIVICSanatFonu_Activity Plan.xlsx

This page is published on 6 September 2021.
Last update: 8 March 2022