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Frequently Asked Questions

The frequently asked questions page about the grant programs is constantly updated after the e-mails, messages we receive from you and the informational meetings we organise. After reviewing the application guide, we recommend that you review the frequently asked questions about the grant program you want to apply for. Before contacting the CultureCIVIC project team, please check that your question about the application process is not on the FAQ page.

  • What does co-financing mean?

    If specified in the budget, co-financing may include your own resources, benefits in kind and existing or planned contributions from other grant programs.

  • Is co-financing an evaluation criterion?

    The absence of co-financing is not an evaluation criterion. However, in cases where the total budget of the applied project exceeds the maximum grant amount, information on co-financing will be evaluated.

  • Is there a fixed fee for staff salaries?

    There is no predetermined fee specified for the salaries of the personnel. It is necessary for you to determine the salaries in accordance with your business and the budget balance.

  • Should the budget plan be in Euro?

    The budget plan is to be prepared in Euro. Since you will spend your expenses in TL, it is sufficient to convert them to Euro at the current exchange rate.

  • What are indirect costs? How do we calculate the indirect costs?

    Indirect costs include unplanned expenditures that are not specified in the budget plan. These expenses are only for meeting the unexpected expenses that may arise during the project. Indirect costs should be written into the budget by calculating max. 7% of the total direct costs. No further justification is required for this item.

  • How should I fill out the budget plan?

    The budget plan is provided to serve as a template. You can add sub-items under the specified main items. Other budget items that don't fit to the specified main items are to be considered as “Other Expenditures”.

  • How are the payments made in case the grant agreement is signed?

    According to the budget and activity plan annexed to the contract to be signed by both parties, payments will be made in three rounds: (1) after the contract is signed, (2) after the approval of the progress report (3) after the approval of the final report.


This page is published on 6 September 2021.
Last update: 14 January 2022