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Fata Morgana

1 June - 30 August 2023

In the first panel of his ‘Garden of Earthly Delights’ painting from 1503-1504, Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch depicts Adam and Eve along with fantastical animals in heaven. In the heart of this depiction of heaven lies a small pond, in which an imaginary, pseudo-organic pink fountain, made up of crab, oyster shells and plants takes center stage.

Inspired by this fountain as a locus of heavenly activity, the artist builds its replica in a sea-salt filled ancient quarry on the beach of Cape Yason as a gathering space for discussion. By bringing Bosch's two-dimensional design to life and making it functional, he also contributes to the perception of the fountain in the context of nature, animals, and humans. Thus, for the first time, the image of this incredibly creative fantasy becomes a tangible object in the real world.

Alper Aydın

Born in 1989, Alper Aydın studied sculpture at Ankara Gazi University. In addition to studying sculpture, video and performance in Italy with the Erasmus+ Programme, he completed his master’s at Gazi University and his PhD at Hacettepe University. In his works, he explores the physical attributes of his environment as well as nature’s own flow through photography, sculpture, installation, performance, temporary arrangements and interventions with natural materials. He leaves temporary traces by transforming his environment through observation, gathering or adding of new forms.

Among the exhibitions the artists has participated in are Istanbul Modern’s “Till It’s Gone” (2016), “A Good Neighbor” (2017), the 15th edition of the Istanbul Biennial, “Ways Out of the World” (2017) at Cappadox Contemporary Art Exhibitions and “At the End of the Day” (2020) at OMM. His artist residencies includes Cité des Arts in Paris, SAHA Studio in Istanbul and ZK/U in Berlin.

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