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Red-Headed Bunting

Forest Fire Awareness Art Workshops in Datça

December 2022 - November 2023

The Datça Peninsula and its endemic structure are under the threat of fires. 88% of fires are caused by humans, but it is also in our hands to prevent forest fires and take precautions against possible ones.

The resources of the people of Datça, who make a living by producing honey and growing almonds, decrease with each fire and are on the verge of depletion. Datça residents, who earn the other half of their livelihood through tourism, have also been economically affected by the fires in recent years.

Medicinal herbs, which are thought to have led to the establishment of the Knidos Medical School (700 BC), which is the first medical school in the world according to historical data, are gradually decreasing and even facing the danger of extinction.

Basically, the Peninsula is divided into Datça and Betçe, where there are more villages. This project aims to create awareness on forest fires and their destruction working with 40 children in the age group of 9-14 (4th-7th grade levels) living in both parts of the peninsula.

Spreading its wings through such dynamics and wearing its blue cloak, “Red –Headed Bunting: Forest Fire Awareness Art Workshops in Datça” will hold a total of 8 workshops, 4 in Datça and 4 in Betçe, a nature walk and a discussion event. On this occasion, the children will work with 6 workshop coordinators who are well-versed in Datça dynamics in workshops such as “Literature” by Ayşegül Çelik and Özgür Mutlu, “Recycling Art” by Deniz Kırmızısoy, (Q Performance) by Hakan Polacanlı, “Sound/Movement” by İlker Görgülü, and “Sound Workshops” by Yeşim Tezgören, which will raise their awareness of forest fires and allow them to be introduced to art.

Children will establish a closer relationship with the forest with the trekking experience to be held under the leadership of Datça Mountaineering and Outdoor Sports Club, one of the project associates. As the last step of the project, the documentary film shot by İmre Özerim, Bahadır Cihangir Genç and Özge Çiğdem Denizci during the events will be screened in the area determined by Datça Municipality. The children will also meet with the officials from Datça Forestry Administration Directorate and Datça Neighborhood Disaster Volunteers (MAG-AME/SAR Datça Branch), will be able to ask them questions and have a discussion about forest fires and workshop experiences.

The participating 40 children will share the knowledge and experiences they gained from the workshops both with their families and in the club activities and/or classes in their schools in the following terms. This will contribute to the traceability of the project.

Workshop by Yeşim Tezgören

Özge Çiğdem Denizci

She learned to read musical notes before the alphabet. She was 7 years old when she left the conservatory, 17 when she graduated from Istanbul Avni Akyol Fine Arts High School in the last place, 26 when s he graduated from Yıldız Technical University Music and Performing Arts Department, and 35 when she received her degree from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Ethnomusicology and Folklore Master's Program. She became a mother at the age of 28. She was 28 years old when her first book "Gürcüler” (Georgians) was published by Chiviyazıları Publishing House and 33 when her second book "27" was published by the same publishing house. When she was 40, "Türkiye’de Müzik Emeğinin Durumu” (The State of Musical Labor in Turkiye), which she co-authored with Selda Dudu and Evrim Hikmet Öğüt, was published. She had organized concerts, kept herself busy at festivals, and took the stage herself from time to time. She held sound workshops with children. Her articles, especially on music, have been published and continue to be published in many different publications. She still lives in Datça and continues her voluntary activities as Press and Public Relations Officer at MAG/AME-SAR, one of the associates of the project, and as the General Secretary at Datça Mountaineering and Outdoor Sports Club.

İmre Özerim, Özge Çiğdem Denizci, Bahadır Cihangir Genç  

This page is published on 19 January 2023.