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CultureCIVIC Advertisement Clip

The logo of CultureCIVIC and the design of all its corporate identity, including this website, are designed by Esen Karol. Esen, starting from the project's claim to spread all over Turkey, created a symbol in which all 81 provinces of Turkey are represented. She marked the metropolises, the capital and the largest metropolis with mapping symbols. The trademark, which turned into an arrow from a perfect nine-by-nine-lined square and completed with text, was also the inspiration for this animation film.

Based on the idea of “networking”, which is an important part of CultureCIVIC’s overall mission, we visualised the relations that we hope to be formed between cities in Turkey through the course of this project, and imagined a movie sketch in which we reach the logo of CultureCIVIC through the map of Turkey. We have added brief information about the programme as well. Baran Baran Animation Office made our dreams about this film flesh and bone.

The film is prepared in Turkish only, however the visual representation is self-explanatory. Enjoy!

This page is published on 2 July 2021.