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-29 Youth Camp: Memory

17 - 21 August 2022
Sürgücü / MARDİN 

The Young Peacebuilders of Turkey aims to organise -29 Youth Camps every year, which is a free environment to be created where young people from different socio-economic, political and cultural backgrounds can meet their “others”, establish dialogue and express themselves freely. The theme of the -29 Youth Camp, the first of which was held in 2021, is determined as "memory and confrontation" in 2022. Aiming to strengthen the dialogue between young people through cultural transfer, the camp intends to enable participants to share their experiences of conflict and perceptions of peace through activities such as memory walks, photo-walks, and closed meetings.

The project focuses on two main social problems: (a) young people are not included in decision-making and policy-making processes in the social and political arena, and (b) young people, who encounter each other in the public sphere, cannot freely express themselves due to the political polarisation that is getting deeper every day in Turkey and are stuck in the echo chambers they created. This project aims for young people to open a dialogue space with each other through memory and confrontation practices with the help of cultural activities.

The Young Peacebuilders of Turkey

The Young Peacebuilders of Turkey is a youth initiative operating at local, national and international levels. The main purpose of our initiative, which takes the theme of Youth, Peace and Security and UN Security Council Resolution 2250 as its basis, is to support the active participation of youth in the peacebuilding and violence prevention process.

The initiative, which believes that young people have a critical role in establishing and maintaining international peace and security and is powered solely by young people, is not a part of any religious, political or ethnic organization but is a completely independent movement.

The Young Peacebuilders of Turkey, which prioritizes the integration and employment of disadvantaged groups in society, and believes that this directly contributes to the essence of peace, totally rejects the discriminatory policy and understanding based on political, religious, ethnic and sexual identity differences. Thinking that local development will have an undeniable impact on world peace, therefore continues its work both locally and internationally. The initiative that wants to show the youth that there is an alternative way other than violence, works to ensure that peace has a permanent place in society without a marginal concept.

This page is published on 23 June 2022.