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And Other Objects

March 2023

And Other Objects is a short film project that tries to digitally reconstruct the Surp Garabed Monastery based on the narratives of the historian Khorenatsi Movses, who was born and raised in Muş in the 5th century. The Monastery was built during the period of Movses' historiography, 

Khorenatsi returns to Mus after completing his education in Alexandria with a group of students. The problems experienced in the construction process of the monastery cause him to question his own historiography.

Vue générale ouest, avant 1915 (OTC, V-10654)

Vue générale sud-est (Lynch, II, 1901, fig. 155).

Soner Akalın

He was born in 1997 in Muş. He graduated from Batman University, Cinema and Television Department. Akalın, who started to work as a production assistant and director in the cinema sector since his high school years, continues to work as a producer, screenwriter and director.

Vue sud-ouest des églises du Saint-Précurseur et de Saint-Etienne, du narthex et du clocher, avant 1915 (Érévan, Musée-Institut du Génocide arménien, fonds Bodil Biørn).

This page is published on 19 January 2023.