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Ayvalık International Film Festival at Küçük Han

April 2023 - March 2024

The venues of the Ayvalık International Film Festival are carefully selected so that they reflect the historical and cultural context and texture of the region. One of these venues is Küçük Han. Built in mid-19th century in the historical İsmet Paşa quarter of Ayvalık, Küçük Han takes it upon itself to become the "agora" of the city again. This building, which was reopened following a comprehensive restoration, will be the permanent office for the Ayvalık International Film Festival. The festival will have its permanent office and 2 employees located in this building, which aims to be a meeting point especially in the field of culture and arts in Ayvalık. So this location will strengthen the relationship of the festival with the city, establish a more permanent bond with the audience, and will be a driving force for organizing different activities outside the festival throughout the year. Announcements will be made for the meetings and events to be held in Küçük Han. Moreover the local authorities, civil initiatives and tradesmen will be involved in the process. During the Ayvalık International Film Festival, Küçük Han will be utilized as a venue to socialize where festival guests will meet. The main goal of the project is to enhance the visibility and permanence of the Seyir Derneği, which is the association organizing the Ayvalık International Film Festival. Thus, the association will take firm steps in it journey of institutionalization, and it will be possible to record the memory of the festival.

Ayvalık International Film Festival team at Küçük Han

Seyir Association

Azize Tan worked at İKSV (Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts) for many years, directed the Istanbul Film Festival for 9 years, and founded the Meetings on the Bridge Co-Production Platform. Later she worked at Başka Sinema platform for 5 years. She has founded Seyir Association in January 2022. Although it is a recent member of the rich cultural and artistic life in Ayvalık, the association, which was founded by an experienced team in the field, aims to prioritize the projects especially for young people and to make Ayvalık a centre for both cinema and other arts.

Ayvalık offers the perfect environment for a film festival thanks to its rich history, culture, architecture, cuisine, location and responsible residents. Ayvalık International Film Festival has a different model from other festivals in Turkey; no competition is organized within the scope of the festival, and it is aimed to create a speaking space by supporting film screenings, panels and interviews. Festival venues are carefully selected to reflect the historical and cultural texture of the region. One of these places is Küçük Han. The Küçük Han, which was built in the middle of the 19th century in the historical İsmet Paşa quarter of Ayvalık, takes it upon itself to become the "agora" of the city again. The festival aims to answer the question of how the city and the festival can complement each other, and to stand as a social creativity platform where people and institutions working to create this change come together.

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This page is published on 5 October 2023.