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July 2022 – July 2023

Berban (Baloon) is a fictional short film project written and directed by Nursel Doğan. Berban, which will be shot in Diyarbakır between
1 - 10 March 2023, is planned to be completed in July 2023.


Naxazım, a four-year-old boy, has been in prison for nearly two years with his mother, Zeycan, who is a political prisoner. Naxazim, who is sick, is taken to the hospital by his mother, accompanied by soldiers. In the hospital waiting room, a little girl runs after a red balloon. Naxazım sees it, crying as much as he can, wants a balloon. Zeycan, who is handcuffed, cannot convince her son. One of the relatives of patients buys him a red balloon. Naxazım is very happy… When they are finished at the hospital, he goes back to the prison with his mother. In prison, the guards don't let him take the balloon inside. Naxazım gets tired with his struggle after a while, faints, and leaves the rope of the balloon. The guards and soldiers stare at the balloon taking off into the sky. The mother takes her son to the ward. Female detainees from the ward make bubble foam using detergent. They blow the foam towards Naxazim's face. The foam touches Naxazım's nose. Naxazim wakes up. Surprised, he stares at the bubbles flying in the air, and blows the foam. Flying bubbles stick to women's faces. Naxazim chuckles.

Nursel Doğan

Graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University, Nursel Doğan shoots documentaries, fictional and educational films. She has worked as an assistant director in many movies and television series until today. Doğan continues to work independently to realize her own projects. She produced and directed the documentary films titled Dışarısı Nasıl (How Is It Outside?, 2007), Fabrikada Kadın Olmak (Being a Woman in the Factory, 2011), and wrote the scripts for the fictional films such as Odada (In the Room, 2006), İçimdeki Ben (The Me Inside, 2010), Camdaki Ses (The Voice at the Window, 2012), Sus (Shut Up, 2020). Her films are screened in many international festivals and received awards. Nursel Doğan, who has been invited to various international film development workshops with her feature film projects, is also working on a feature film project.

This page is published on 23 June 2022.