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chalaKINO Cinema Events

Project: November 2022 - May 2023
Activities: 4 February – 15 April

Chalak Events was established in 2017, primarily in Istanbul, Van and Diyarbakır. Working as a student platform, Chalak Events organizes cultural, artistic and literary events as well as movie screenings. The ChalaKino project aims to bring these events back to life, to maintain the existing cinema potential and to establish a sustainable communication between moviegoers and filmmakers. Within the scope of this project, chalaKINO will include activities on the axis of alternative, independent and art cinema. chalaKINO Cinema Events (Çalakiyên Sînemayê) will meet its audience with a content that focuses on human rights, is environment friendly and all-living-things friendly, is up to date on social dynamics covering social problems, respects the rights of immigrants and LGBTI+ individuals, and embraces different ethnicities, languages, religions and cultures, is sensitive to all situations that are relevant to its audience.

During the project, 9 feature films and 5 short films will be screened over 11 weeks; 7 online, 2 face-to-face interviews as well as 1 seminar and 1 workshop will be held. All events will take place on Saturdays in February, March and April 2023 in ŞanoWan theatre and screening hall. Aiming to appeal to a wide audience with the support of Temaşe Cinema Magazine, CineKurdî Cinema Platform and Medit Media, the project aims to contribute to the development of experience sharing, dialogue building and networking among cinema students, producers and viewers. With the cultural atmosphere that will emerge, it is envisaged that different social communities will come together and encourage new productions whose needs are met locally.

Chalak Events Van Platform

Chalak Events was established in 2017, primarily in Istanbul, Van and Diyarbakır. Working as a student platform, Chalak Events Wan organizes cultural, artistic and literary events. The target audience of the Platform, which shares its content in Kurdish and English, is youth. It focuses on women, the environment, animal and human rights and prioritizes the use of Kurdish in both daily life and culture-art life. The platform conducts many activities aimed at raising social and individual awareness among young individuals (women and especially LGBTI+).

Ercan Dayan - Project coordinator

Ercan Dayan was born in 1996 in Yüksekova, Hakkari. He completed his primary and secondary school in Istanbul, where he was born, and his undergraduate education at Van Yüzüncü Yıl University, Department of Cinematography and TV. After working in the cinema industry for a while, he started working at the television channel Zarok Tv, where he currently works. He is the founder of the CineKurdi Platform, where talks on cinema are held, and the editor of the Kurdish cinema magazine Temaşe. Ercan Dayan, who is in the management of Chalak Events Wan, works on Kurdish Cinema.

This page is published on 19 January 2023.