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Cinema Earth

July 2022 - May 2023

Cinema Earth is a dialogue space and pop-up cinema project about the climate, designed and implemented by young citizens with participatory and sustainable design practices.

The project aims to create a dialogue between the local government and young citizens, to develop the knowledge and skills of the participants on climate, civil participation, and culture and arts, to enable the local governments to create a new perspective on sustainable design by local governments, and to develop a cyclical and impact-oriented pop-up cinema and collective production practices.

Cinema Earth project aims to open a space for young people to express their views and demands by taking concrete steps on participatory decision-making, making common/public living spaces more fair and sustainable through cultural and artistic activities; to communicate between local governments and young people so that they can transform public spaces into a climate-aware dialogue space; to empower young people with rights-based trainings on the right to the city, global climate, participatory culture and arts practices. It is planned that the young people will design a pop-up cinema and a series of activities that will take place before and/or after the movie screenings that can create a dialogue on climate in the public space.

Roof Coliving

Roof Coliving realizes its works with the dream of establishing common living spaces where people with different identities and disciplines can live together. It redesigns living spaces with participatory methods, including human and community relations. With these areas, it aims to create a new culture of living together by improving people's ability to live and produce together. The aim of Roof Coliving is to transform home culture from being private to a common life. It models common living spaces for regional needs with the participation of citizens through its work on coexistence at the city scale. It does not accept top-down design approaches and works to create pluralist and participatory dialogue spaces in cities. It carries out design-oriented programmes aimed at increasing civil participation for the transformation of public spaces (parks, vacant land, spaces between neighbourhoods, etc.) into dialogue spaces, the transformation and development of citizens' public spaces and private spaces, in cooperation with local governments and with the participation of citizens.

This page is published on 23 June 2022.