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Cinema on a Bird’s Wing

November 2023 – November 2024


Syrian Film Institute (Gaziantep)

The Cinema on a Bird's Wing project focuses on standing up against the discrimination suffered by refugee artists in Turkey through the art of cinema. The objective of the project is to produce two short films following workshops that will bring Turkish and Syrian filmmakers together, and to screen said films in Gaziantep and Izmir. The films are planned to be produced by young Syrian and Turkish filmmakers to be determined through an open call in Izmir. The films to be produced are envisaged to be shaped around themes such as human rights, freedom of expression, pluralism, democracy, social participation and social cohesion.
The Cinema on a Bird's Wing project aims, through filmmakers, to contribute to intercultural dialogue and to change the perception of the society toward Syrians, whose population has reached a considerable level.

Izmir Film and Television Producers’ Association (İFTYD)

Based in the NGO campus of the Municipality of Bornova, Izmir Film and Television Producers’ Association (IFTYD) is a non-governmental organization established by sector professionals and academicians. One of its main objectives is to support the production of qualified films in Izmir and its surrounding region, and to contribute to the development of rights-based NGOs. The association is aware of the power of art, especially cinema, for individuals and communities who are discriminated against in society and whose rights are violated, to express themselves and create social awareness. Moreover, the association’s works places particular emphasis on young filmmakers. Young filmmakers are a group who are often overworked in the sector and deprived of basic rights such as insurance, etc., and special importance is attached on activities that will both improve their professional qualifications of and inform them about their rights.

Syrian Film Institute (SFI)

Founded in 2019, the Syrian Film Institute (SFI) is a non-profit organization founded by a dedicated team of Syrian filmmakers, directors and producers. With the vision of encouraging the development of Syrian cinema and storytelling, SFI aims to contribute to increasing filmmaking opportunities in the Middle East, especially in Syria.

Organizing screening sessions and festivals, the institute offers a platform for Syrian cinema enthusiasts, thus becoming a home for Syrian filmmakers. Through its collective expertise and experience, SFI aims to build a strong foundation for the future of the film industry in Syria.


This page is published on 7 December 2023.