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Cinema Unites

July 2022 - June 2023

The main problem identified by this project is that although the number of non-governmental organisations in Izmir is high, their capacities are extremely limited and their activities are almost invisible and inaudible. The fact that effective visual production, which is one of the fast and efficient ways to solve this problem, is also very insufficient, complicates the situation even more. Unfortunately, the videos produced are quite weak both technically and aesthetically. Another problem is that especially rights-based Civil Society Organisaitions cannot come together to overcome these problems and start a movement together in Izmir. It is obvious that solidarity between CSOs is necessary in overcoming these problems.

This is the atmosphere Izmir Film and Television Producers Association, the facilitator of this project currently lives in. The association has produced projects that consider this solidarity in its work to date, and has experienced firsthand the importance of quality and effective video production for CSOs.

The goal of the Cinema Unites project is to engage five rights-based CSOs in a discussion workshop where rights-based pursuits will be discussed together and to transform these discussions into five short creative films with the unifying force of cinema. Along with the qualifications that the participants will acquire during the production of these films, the screening of them will provide a forum for qualified discussion of art and politics.

Izmir Film and Television Producers Association

Izmir Film and Television Producers Association was founded by academics, industry professionals and students. The need for establishment arose from the determination of the deficiencies in form and content in current cinema. The main purpose of IFTYD is to support the production of rights-based video production, namely short films and documentary films in a way that can achieve their goals. Organising workshops where cinema students and amateurs in Izmir can learn how to be a part of international platforms and apply for international funds in their productions has an important place in the association’s agenda.

The aim of the project ‘Remove a Brick from the Hate Wall’ realised with the participation of future media professionals was to internalise the rights-oriented perspective of the 10 participating cinema and television students and reflect it on the short films they produced.

With the Lost Eyes of the Media project, 5 short films on gender equality were produced. The shorts were screened at national and international festivals and received awards. They continue to be screened across festivals.

This page is published on 23 June 2022.