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Diyarbakır Ecological Film Days

May 2023

Indoor Screening Venue: Mordem Art
Outdoor Screening Venue: HEWŞ Collective Space Courtyard
Workshops: Ecology Society Public Building

1st Diyarbakır Ecological Film Days will meet with the Diyarbakır audience in May 2023 with a series of screenings and events. Diyarbakır Ecological Film Days, which is organized by the Ecology Society with trial screenings held in 2022, aims to contribute to the agenda and discussion of issues such as the raising ecological awareness, sustainable lifestyles, climate crisis, living in harmony with nature and interspecies, as it does with the other activities held in the city. In this context, film screenings and talks will be held for four days at two main screening venues (one outdoor and one indoor) in the city. It is aimed to create productive discussion environments where the dimensions of ecological destruction, the measures that can be taken and the suggestions on the forms of struggle will be discussed through interviews with the film crew following the screenings. Two two-day workshops are planned to be held in parallel with the film screenings; one focusing on non-anthropocentric/inter-genre cinema, and the other designed to be the first step of children's cinema production. An open call will be made for the workshop on non-anthropocentric/inter-genre cinema, and support will be received from children's institutions in the city for the cinema workshop to be held with children.

Diyarbakır Ecology Association

Diyarbakır Ecology Association, initially established as a result of discussions carried out by activists and citizens who came together in the form of a social forum on urban dynamics, defends nature against environmental and ecological destructions in Diyarbakır and the surrounding provinces, under the leadership of activists who are sensitive to historical / cultural values, and human relations in integrity and the society's awareness. Its main goal is to achieve an ecological society structure where there is no hierarchy and no domination relations, production techniques in harmony with nature are developed, gender equality and communal decision-making mechanisms are operated. The society believes that this is possible with the social transformation of the mentality, and that it is necessary to start the transformation locally for a life in peace with nature by organizing various awareness trainings for individuals, especially starting from childhood. In addition, the Ecological Society’s main goals and objectives include developing local seed and non-toxic agricultural workshops for access to healthy food, carrying out forestation studies by producing saplings in the face of the decrease in forest areas, and leading the society to show the necessary reaction by raising awareness on the destructions.

This page is published on 19 January 2023.