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September 2023 - June 2024

ETHNOS is a documentary film project that searches for and archives traces of the Greek Orthodox presence in current day of Türkiye. The project aims to explore the Greek Orthodox identity and its relationship with the land they live in, their collective resilience against extinction and the dynamics of coexistence through cultural assets.

It aims to discuss the Greek Orthodox community, its member individuals and their ties with the city they live in in terms of visible and invisible cultural assets, in the regions where Orthodox Greek community lives collectively, on the basis of documentation and observation of their historical, spatial and demographic assets.

Ruken Tekeş

Tekeş was born in Diyarbakır. She has lived in different cities such as Istanbul, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Athens, Vienna, Venice, Rome, San Diego, Kiev and Moscow throughout her education and working life. For ten years, she worked in the United Nations missions in various countries, serving as a senior executive and a diplomat, especially in the former Eastern Bloc region, as the UN International Human Rights Expert and the UN Coordination Expert.

She has returned to Türkiye in 2011 and participated in the work on the new constitution and gave lectures on human rights at Koç University. After gathering experience for many years in the field of human rights and conducting academic studies, she has founded Sarya Film Collective in 2015 to produce social, political and environmental films. She has directed films including the internationally award-winning HEVERK (European Film Awards nomination), AETHER (Visions Du Reel FF premiere) and PHILAX (Cannes FF L'Atelier selection). Tekeş is a member of EFA (European Film Academy) and SE-YAP (Turkish Film Producers Professional Association).


This page is published on 7 December 2023.