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Film Set Kültürhane

April - November 2022

Within the scope of the project, a documentary film focusing on the city’s cosmopolitan past through the nondenominational Mersin Cemetery was produced. The project took its inspiration from the idea that a cemetery featuring graves of people from three monotheistic religions can fit in a single picture frame perfectly illustrates a multicultural and peaceful community. The documentary aimed to tell the stories of former city residents and present the peaceful relations between the city’s different cultural groups.

To build capacity for future projects, the production team at Kültürhane underwent technical training before shooting began. The financial support offered by the program enabled the purchase of necessary equipment and thus provided a critical contribution for the sustainability of similar efforts in the future.

The film was relaased at the end of 2022 and through a series of public screenings organised in various cities, the film contiues to create a platform for discussions around the idea of a multicultural and peaceful society.


Since its opening in 2017, Kültürhane seeks to create a physical, local and public space by organising talks, screenings, recitals, workshops, exhibitions and festivals that cater to diverse groups in society. Kültürhane is a cafe-library in Mersin that aims to amplify its public space to a wider audience over the internet by transferring its activities to digital platforms as much as possible.

This page is published on 2 March 2022.
Last update: 5 March 2022