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July 2022 - January 2023

Heterotopia project focuses on social cohesion through coffee, one of the tastes where two different cultures intersect. This project aims to bring the social cohesion potential built/can be built between Syrian immigrants and Gaziantep residents to the public through a feature-length documentary. Within the scope of the screening of the documentary, the project aims to bring the local people, Syrian immigrants, SCOs, academic stakeholders and all relevant public together face to face around the dialogue table called “Let's meet for coffee” in order to eliminate incompatibility, violence, tension and xenophobia.

The viewers of the documentary and the event participants will first reach a new understanding of social cohesion, that migration can be read not only through differences but also through similarities. In addition, they will reflect on what similar cultural products can be by developing an understanding of the existence of fragmented social cohesion created by local people and Syrian immigrants coming together around coffee. Finally, the local people and Syrian immigrants, who form the scope of the project, will question the process they are in by observing their own experiences, and they will be able to raise awareness of the importance of togetherness by seeing how they are part of the integration process without realizing it.

Neo - Zosimos Culture and Arts Collective

Zosimos from Samsat, whose existence we are aware of with the mosaics he created, rather than the written sources. Zosimos's signature can be found on some mosaics in the city of Zeugma and currently exhibited in the Gaziantep Zeugma Mosaic Museum. Today, Neo - Zosimos Culture and Arts Collective mediates to process and bring in the public eye the cultural diversity of ordinary people, just like Zosimos who used colours in his mosaics so skillfully and bringing them together in a whole. Together with a multidisciplinary project team, the Collective aims to transform subjects with different ontological foundations from culture to art history, the city, daily life, migration and gender into visual documents. Collective's founders, Emre Burhan and Hilal Sevlü, collects these visual documents and narratives with an academic approach.

This page is published on 23 June 2022.