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August - December 2023

The "Hope" project aims to provide support for the cultural and artistic revival in Gaziantep and give hope to in the members of its community after the earthquake of 6 February, and also help children and young adults to overcome the psychological trauma and instability, and return to normal life through artistic practice.

The grant covers the schooling expenses for 40 students from the ages of 10 to 24 years from August until the end of December 2023 in Nefes Music & Arts School.

Students will be accepted in the following disciplines:

  • Theatre Art
  • Calligraphy
  • Drawing
  • Music (Singing, Rhythm, Qanun, Oud, Ney, Piano, Guitar, Violin)

In addition, the project aims to enhance social harmony and cohesion by organizing weekly workshops (Musical Culture) and choir sessions. These sessions give a chance for community meetings, dialogue, and regular artistic activities to promote the impact of art on social healing and show the role of culture in public life.

Nefes Foundation for Arts and Culture

Nefes Foundation for Arts and Culture was founded in 2016 by young Syrian and Turkish people specialized in music and arts and was authorized in Turkey in 2017.

Nefes Foundation for Arts and Culture believes that artistic and cultural productions are important to the stability and well-being of any society, especially societies that have faced psychological trauma and isolation as well as loss of identity. From this pillar, the Foundation believes that education, artistic and cultural production are an essential factor for the recovery and the prosperity of societies.

Nefes Foundation for Arts and Culture seeks to present itself as a cultural state that respects and possesses the strength and confidence of our diverse cultural heritage. It draws its inspiration from the cultural and academic knowledge and backgrounds of its team to restore the authentic cultural heritage and preserve it away from the trap of museum heritage and touristic folklore. In parallel, Nefes Foundation aims at preserving cultural work and its means and providing new artistic experiences that contribute to its enrichment.

This page is published on 7 December 2023.