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In Pursuit of Water

July 2022 - April 2023

Istanbul In Pursuit of Water invites children aged 5 and over and everyone to consider the concept of urban heritage in the focus of “water”.

Istanbul is a port city integrated with the seas. The Bosphorus is one of the leading geographical elements that determine the image of the city. One of the most important ports in the world for centuries, the Golden Horn carries a multi-layered memory. So how well do we know Istanbul's aquatic ecosystem? Istanbul In Pursuit of Water project aims to bring together different components of Istanbul's water culture with children through public conversations, workshops and broadcasting.

Although there are many references produced on information on the urban environment, the context of the right to the city and environmental justice remains far from the world of early age children; especially the points where urban projects meet with environmental justice, threatened species and places can be referred by the public in a very technical language.

Istanbul In Pursuit of Water project is organised to share with children that “nature” is not far from the city, through creative expressions, to enable them to see water culture as an integral part of urban life and to introduce the creatures we share the ecosystem with and the water life of Istanbul more closely. Within the scope of the project, workshops for different age groups, interviews with the stakeholders of education and urban ecology on the water culture of Istanbul will be held. At the end of the project, a publication for children that conveys Istanbul's water culture to children will be produced.

Photograph of aqueducts in Istanbul taken by Cengiz Bektaş - SALT Research.

City Detective Initiative

The City Detective Initiative focuses on children's right to live in a healthy and safe environment and is a social initiative that monitors and documents the communication of children with the city and cities with children, and produces games and design tools. We believe that it is possible for children to comprehend the urban experience with an interdisciplinary approach, and we develop unique methods for this. We carry out rights monitoring projects and advocacy activities to establish child-friendly cities, organize training programs for non-governmental organizations and local governments, produce maps that will encourage children to experience the city, develop and implement participation methods.

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