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Jina Qelew
(Fat Woman)


Since gender inequality has reached high rates in our society, the play "Fat Woman", in which women are at the forefront, and also included in Dario Fo's book Let's Talk About Women, will be staged in Kurdish. The play critically considers the "ideal body" perception imposed on people in the capitalist system, and especially the ideology that sees the female body as a "Meta" and insists that they be so. The play is about Mattea, who was abandoned by her husband because she was overweight and isolated by her daughter. The play conveys the story to the audience as an absurd irony through the eyes of Mattea. Being torn between sleeve gastroctemy and dieting, Mattea makes the audience question whether weight loss is necessary for health or aesthetic body concerns. Based on Mattea, the aesthetic and beauty concerns experienced by women, the pressures experienced especially in business life, and the corruption in modern family relations are discussed in the play.

Batman Yenisahne

Yenisahne, established in April 2018 as a collective structure with its own resources and without any support from any institution-organization and fund, has a theatre venue with a capacity of 130 spectators and a cafe/foyer section for 150-200 people. Continuing its activities since the day it was founded, Yenisahne performed the plays titled 'Cimri' (The Miser, performed in Turkish) and 'Serbaz' (The Solider, performed in Kurdish) and the children's play 'Bremen Musicians' for the audience in Batman. Yenisahne, which managed to survive the pandemic completely with its own resources, has hosted dozens of different Kurdish, Persian and Turkish plays every month, and gave the audience a fresh space in this sense.

This page is published on 19 January 2023.