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Inter-City Guest Artist and Exchange Programme Network

January - November 2022
Artist residency programme: BURSA, ÇANAKKALE, IZMIR
Exhibitions: BURSA, IZMIR
IZMIR - Teos Arts and Culture Association

and affiliates

IZMIR - KARANTINA Collective, A Room of One's Own Arts Initiative, Nedircik Publications, Sarı Denizaltı Sanat İnisiyatifi, Open Studio
BURSA - Municipality of Nilufer (Directory of Arts and Social Services)
ÇANAKKALE - Çamtepe Ekolojik Yaşam Kültürü Merkezi, Saye Collective
DİYARBAKIR - Metal Collective, Amîdart Arts and Culture Group
MUĞLA - Carbon Collective, Caz Kedisi

While socio-cultural ruptures caused by globalisation and climate crisis reshape social life, centralisation caused by increasing urbanisation due to the decrease in rural population weakens the access of people who live in villages to culture and arts. Aiming to bring the methods determined during the research phase in 2021 to the field through its Turkish participants, KONSERVE invites ten artists to produce works inspired by intangible rural cultural heritage assets in the villages of Izmir, Çanakkale and Bursa, and aims to establish a sustainable communication network by bringing together organisations working in this field. The works produced by the artists will meet with art lovers at the exhibitions to be opened in Bursa and İzmir at the end of the year, and online talks with the participation of academics working on the fields of "cultural heritage" and "art in the public sphere" will allow the sharing of methods and experiences between the participants and the beneficiaries.

KONSERVE sets out to build social cohesion grounds that will encourage people living in rural areas to collaborate with artists from various disciplines, working on social diversity, memory and cultural heritage, through creative participation. Emphasizing social diversity through works that will be inspired by stories, tales, melodies, flavors, plays, motifs, rituals and ancient ecological practices hidden in rural areas; thus, the project, which aims to reveal new local narratives against the centrist approach that standardises culture, aims to strengthen the understanding and communication between societies through the commons, while addressing the phenomenon of migration from the perspective of cultural heritage. Through the project, participants from different cities are encouraged to participate in the international network created by KONSERVE, in order to strengthen the culture of collaborative working, and to create opportunities that will enable the participants to gain experience in and out of Turkey through the sustainable model to be created.

* KONSERVE is a shared word by the Turkish and Bulgarian languages meaning preserve (noun).

Barış B. Atal, Emre Evcimen, Özgür Demirci, Ezgi Yakın, Sarp Keskiner, Esra Okyay (İzmir)
Derya Gözükızıl (Mersin)
Halim Yazıcı (Muğla) 
Mahmut Gültekin, Hediye Yaşar, Devrim Demir (Diyarbakır)
Seda Gökçe, İdil Acim, Umut Sevgül (İstanbul)
İnan Mayıs Aru (İzmir – Çanakkale)

Photo: Sarp Keskiner

Teos Arts and Culture Association

Teos Art and Culture Association has organised more than sixty events with the leading initiatives and institutions of İzmir and carried out various projects with international stakeholders since its foundation in 2016. While addressing culture in its broadest sense, Teos Arts and Culture Association produces projects that prioritise creating a community, opening up space for freedom of expression, showing cultural diversity, and protecting the environment and cultural heritage in the context of urban belonging.

KONSERVE manual mock up
Design: Emre Duygu 

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