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Li Dêrê (In the Church) 

December 2022 - October 2023

Three-month training and rehearsals are planned with five drama trainers and 12 actors who are interested in theatre in the theatre and acting workshop “Li Dêrê” (In the Church). At the end of the project, a Kurdish theatre play that will be written as a result of the workshop will be performed. The aim of this workshop, which will be held with five trainers who are narrative and performance artists, is to develop the competencies of the actors. The resulting theatre play is primarily aimed to be staged in Mardin and the region.

Çetoyê Zêdo

Çetoyê Zêdo was born in Mardin in 1981. He has graduated from Van Yüzüncü Yıl University, Department of Turkish Language Teaching in 2004, and Istanbul University, Theatre Criticism and Dramaturgy department in 2012. He worked with Engin Alkan's directing and dramaturgy team. He directed the plays “Şengê û Pengê” and “Bêlome” at Teatra Zîv. His published works of theatre include “Şengê û Pengê” (Filîto Publications, 2014) and “Siltanê Fîlan” (Diyarbakır Metropolitan Publications, 2015). He has translated Ferhad Pîrbal's novel “Hetf Wêney Rûtî Jinî Cenabî Wezîr” (Seven Nude Photographs of the Wife of Vizier Majesty) in Kurmancî Kurdish (Avesta Publications, 2014). He also edited “Dîroka Şanoya Kurdî” (Peywend Publications, 2015) as well as “Kürt Tiyatro Tarihi” (The History of Kurdish Theater, Evrensel Yayınları, 2016) with Yavuz Akkuzu. His books titled “Daweta Noko û Nîskê” (2019, story & play), “Du Legleg Zozan û Gernas” (2019), “Ejderhayê Tirsonek” (2020) and “Gurê Kubar” (2020) were published by Nûbihar Publications.

Çetoyê Zêdo took part in many Kurdish theatre companies as a dramaturge, copywriter and director. Playwriting, theatre directing, editing, Kurdish translation and children's literature are his main areas of interest and activity. He lives in Mardin as one of the founders of the Mardin Sahne (MARS) theatre.

This page is published on 19 January 2023.