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Lorî, Lorî

December 2023 - November 2024

The “Lorî, Lorî” project aims to collect examples of the lullaby genre of anonymous folk literature from the indigenous people living in the Tekman district of Erzurum, with the goal of revealing the lullabies of this region with an artistic visualization. The research material for the project will comprise of recordings of the lullabies collected through interviews with the people living in Tekman. Such videos recorded during the implementation phase will form the infrastructure of the visualization process of the lullabies reached. In practice, where the lullabies carrying cultural indicators of the region will be gathered, a visual transfer is intended in which lullabies anonymized with textile materials, fabric collage, stitchery and embroidery techniques, and perhaps those not previously recorded, are recorded and the writing is included in the painting (fabric works).

The project will emphasize the production and performance of the lullaby (Lorî) tradition by women living in the region, the acceptance of lullabies as part of “women’s literature” and the reproduction of these examples with social participation. It is observed that the lullaby genre, which has various examples in different cultures, needs more academic research in the Kurdish folk literature, and there are still very few theoretical studies on the subject. At this point, the primary objective of the project is to establish a dialogue with the people living in the Tekman district of Erzurum about the culture they belong to, and to contribute to cultural transfer. The project aims to analyze how lullaby tradition creates the cultural codes of a society and how it provides intergenerational memory transfer, and examine, record and convey lullabies belonging to a certain geography directly from the public in the context of verbal culture. In such regard, the “Lorî, Lorî” project targets to present lullabies with their general outlines and features in the process of transfer and continuity of cultural memory.

İlhak Altıparmak

İlhak Altıparmak (1990, Erzurum) graduated from the Painting Department of Erzurum Anatolian High School of Fine Arts in 2009. He graduated from Atatürk University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Graphic Design in 2016.

He is still undergoing his graduate education in the Painting Department of Düzce University Institute of Fine Arts. He took part in the 2021 “Young Contemporary Art Project Competition:7” with his series titled “The Game of Selflessness II” and in the 2023 “Young Contemporary Art Project Competition:9” with his work titled “Look Me in the Eyes and Say You Love Me.” He participated in the Close[t] Demonstrations selection held at the 2023 Vienna Semmelweisklinik with his series titled “Slippery Memories of Consciousness II.”

İlhak Altıparmak lives and works in Erzurum. His studies focus on queer, identity phenomena, and nature(mother) subjects.


This page is published on 8 December 2023.