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Structural Improvement of Nesin Foundation Theatre and Performance Stage

March - September 2023

Nesin Foundation, founded in 1973 by Aziz Nesin, acknowledges that the art activities that it has been carrying out for years with children and volunteers are an integral part of its main activities.

Despite the increasing population and urbanization in Çatalca, which is now one of the important migration destinations in Istanbul, there is no culture and art centre other than the centre belonging to the local municipality. Nesin Foundation experienced this gap closely and tried to make up for it as much as possible. The Foundation wants to open up the cultural richness of its compound to local public, which can play the role of an alternative culture-art centre for Çatalca. On this occasion, this year, The Foundation will conduct workshops and trainings with teachers and students, and also hold public music concerts and theatre performances at the Aziz Nesin and His Contemporaries Museum and in our theatre venue.

On the other hand, the carpentry, ceramics and glass workshops will also be renovated and open for the use of external parties in this process.

While talking about the theatre venue Aziz Nesin once said: “They didn't publish my articles, I published a magazine myself to publish them. They didn't want to publish my books, so I opened a publishing house. In case they don't play my plays one day, I'm having a theatre stage built under the Foundation building." But he could only complete the basic construction of the venue. The theatre and performance hall needs to be better equipped to host more qualified works: professional technical systems such as sound, curtain and lighting When these are completed, the theatre venue will be one of the trademarks of the foundation. Nesin Foundation will be able to host guest trainers, artists and their works, and open a space for local youth to meet with artists and express themselves.

Nesin Foundation

Nesin Foundation was founded by Aziz Nesin in 1973 and adopted his words "I want my foundation children to grow up as individuals who think, question and can look at the world with a critical eye" as its basic education principle. Nesin Foundation hosts children in the 0-12 age group who lack educational opportunities to meet all their needs. Children stay in the foundation until they can stand on their own feet.

The foundation supports teachers and students in the region, especially in Çatalca, in the fields of culture, art and permaculture. In addition, it grants scholarships to dozens of students, from primary school to university education, whose financial situation is insufficient. The foundation provides consultancy to local governments in the field of permaculture. In the foundation, trainings for the trainers are organized with contributing experts in different fields. The Foundation also allows students and teachers in the surrounding schools to participate in cultural and artistic activities in Istanbul by their own means. It organizes workshops, trainings and events for them. Approximately 17-18 thousand students benefit from our Nesin Mathematics, Art and Philosophy Villages in Izmir-Şirince every year.


This page is published on 5 October 2023.