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Network for the Cultures of Marmara with its Islands and Straits

January - December 2022

ISTANBUL - Princes' Islands Foundation

and affiliates

BALIKESİR - Avşa Island Tourism Operators Association, Marmara Islands Culture and Solidarity Association, Topağaç Beautification and Solidarity Association, The Galimi Çınarlı Rural Development and Tourism Association, Gündoğdu Village Beautification, Reconstruction and Development, Social Solidarity Association
ÇANAKKALE - Troy Environmental Association

The mucilage incident in April 2021 showed that we are facing a huge environmental crisis that covers the entire Marmara Sea. It has been understood that the Sea of ​​Marmara, which is extremely rich in terms of biodiversity, is rapidly drifting towards a point of no return, to death with all its natural assets, due to the wastes created by the urbanisation and industry that have grown around it for years.

By establishing a network that brings together civil society organisations, scientists, culture and art actors working on the living cultures and natural heritage shaped by the Marmara Sea, it can be ensured that the disjointed stakeholders unite around the aim of protecting the Marmara , and that the conservation agenda can be strengthened by growing with new participants. The Network for the Cultures of Marmara with its Islands and Straits sets out with this goal.

By bringing together civil society organisations in the Marmara Islands and Straits, this projects aims to inform the public through cultural and artistic activities about the environmental crisis that the natural and cultural values ​​of the Marmara Sea face today. Culture and art actors, who will participate to prevent this comprehensive threat, which is a violation of environmental and life rights, will add a new and creative dimension to the works and expand the conservation efforts. The active participation of the citizens living in the region in the protection of the Marmara Sea is of great importance. Through cultural and artistic activities, the project aims to ensure that the right to the environment, which is a part of human rights, is voiced and embraced.

Through the common cultural activities of CSOs from Marmara region, the project aims to publicise the fact that living in a healthy environment is the basis for the realisation of all rights and freedoms, and environmental rights protect not only humans but of all living beings as well.

The environmental crisis faced by the Sea of ​​Marmara threatens not only the natural life and biodiversity, but also the diverse cultural lifestyles, communities and memories created by this sea basin. “Network for the Cultures of Marmara with its Islands and Straits” project aims uncover and share these natural and cultural values, and the reasons we should fret over them, through various documentation, communication and information activities.

Musilage in the Marmara Sea
Photo: Halim Bulutoğlu

Princes' Islands Foundation

The Princes' Islands Foundation was established in 1984 to protect the natural, historical and cultural heritage of the Prince Islands. It aims to protect and develop the natural and historical values ​​of all the islands of the Adalar district, especially Büyükada, Heybeliada, Burgazada and Kınalıada, and is one of the leading CSOs that have add a lot value to the Islands during its more than 30 years of activity. The Princes' Islands Foundation, whose main fields of activity are cultural studies, cultural management, museology, publishing, tourism and promotion, attaches importance to local, national and international relations and collaborations in its works and projects.

In recent years, the Foundation has implemented many studies on the Sea of ​​Marmara; the effects and permanence of these works have been strengthened with the exhibitions "There is Life in Marmara: I and II for Now" held in 2012 and 2017, and the "Navigation in Istanbul" opened in 2018 and the publications with the same name. The "150 Years of Büyükada and Arabacılar Square" and "Exile Boats" exhibitions which were organised in 2021 are some of the other activities on the subject.

Adalı Publishing, which was established by the Foundation in 2004, has produced 70 new books, including exhibition catalogues. In addition, it has contributed greatly to the promotion of the Prince Islands by producing promotional publications, guidebooks, brochures and maps.

This page is published on 21 December 2021.
Last update: 3 February 2022