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Non-Fiction Creative Writing Workshop

5, 12, 26 February

12, 19, 26 March

16, 23, 30 April

Non-Fiction Creative Writing Workshop, conceived and executed by 5Harfliler, aimed to bring the voices, experiences, and discussions of women and LGBTI+s to the public arena more effectively. In this context, this project aimed to pluralise the voices of women and LGBTI+s in the public sphere by carrying the voices of the new writers to the 5Harfliler website. Through the writing workshops in three cities, the project provided training, encouragement, and empowerment for writers in the local context.

5Harfliler believes that the main way to create visibility and awareness towards ethnic and gender identities that are ignored, targeted, or excluded is by the subjects expressing themselves in the public arena with their own voices, words, and discussions. In this context, the Non-Fiction Creative Writing Workshop is designed with the aim of enabling participants to better expressing their experiences and ideas through writing and to participate in public discussions from a more competent place. The chosen cities of Diyarbakır, Mersin, and Ankara, where the workshops were held are both in line with local goals and also the institutions with which will be collaborated in these cities are aligned with the mission of 5Harfliler. The workshops set out to contribute to the training of new writers from the above mentioned and surrounding cities who produce in the fields of culture and politics. The cities mentioned are chosen by taking into account certain local needs and the ties that 5Harfliler wanted to develop and felt lacking. In this context, although the Non-Fiction Creative Writing Workshop had a specific structure in general, a process that meets the needs of each city were followed, assessed as a result of the meetings with the collaborating local institutions.


5Harfliler is an independent internet publication that produces content in the fields of gender, politics, art, and popular culture. Resisting the "women's agenda", which has often been reduced to diet, health, and relationship advice in the mainstream media since it started broadcasting in 2012, it carries the limitlessness of women's agendas to its pages with unique, unapologetic, cheerful, and curious interest.

5Harfliler aims, above all, to empower women and LGBTI+s by bringing the voices, experiences, and discussions of women and LGBTI+s to the public arena. It carries the trivialized voices of women and LGBTI+s in the cis-hetero male-dominated discourse to the headlines and follows the stories and experiences of those marginalized by being squeezed into sexist, homophobic, and transphobic stereotypes in the mainstream media.

This page is published on 10 January 2022.
Last update: 4 August 2022