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Red Noses

Social Circus Project for Civil Society Organisations in Istanbul

December 2021 - May 2022

Istanbul Municipality Örnektepe Neighbourhood House
Tarlabaşı Community Centre
Nesin Foundation

The Red Noses project, with the aim of working in the field of social circus art for many years to come, is executed in partnership with civil society organisations that work with children in Istanbul.

Social circus activities was held at least for five months in order for the children in these institutions to sustain individual, social and physical gains. This project, which is developed with the idea that all children have the right to move and have fun, allowed children from socially and economically poorer districts to participate in and benefit from physical activities. Social circus tools (play, juggling, balance, acrobatics, rhythm) provided an environment where children discovered their talents, realize their potential, strengthen their communication with themselves and their peers, and have fun at the same time. The aim of these activities was to contribute to the transformation of children into happy and self-confident individuals who actively participate in social life, establish harmonious relations with their environment and think creatively.

At the end of the project, with the circus show that was held as an outcome of the process, children had the opportunity to show themselves and speak their words in front of their own community. The Red Noses project reached a total of 40 children with 6 events a week at Istanbul Municipality Örnektepe Neighborhood House, Tarlabaşı Community Centre and Nesin Foundation.

BoMoVu / Sports and Body Movement Association for Social Empowerment

BoMoVu / Sports and Body Movement Association for Social Empowerment is founded in Istanbul in 2016. The association aims to enable and develop sports, physical performance and body movement activities aimed at social empowerment in the local, national and international levels and to ensure that access and education in these fields become available for everyone, especially for the groups in need, to fight discrimination and to support individuals and organisations working in these fields.

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