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Silver Screen in Village Squares

1 July – 31 October 2022

The Silver Screen in Village Squares project aimed to enable children in Batman to have access their native language, cultural and social rights through cinema. In particular, children living in villages have difficulty in accessing many opportunities and are disadvantaged compared to children living in urban centres. Today, with the facilitation of various media, children living in the city have easier access to social and cultural activities; it is obvious that the access of the rural population to these opportunities is an important problem.

This project especially focused on children who are disadvantaged in terms of social, cultural and educational issues. Social and cultural activities are of great importance so that children can complete their development in every sense and not have self-confidence problems. Batman New Cinema Collective thinks that social and cultural studies are as important as education for the development of children, even argues that it is a very big part of child development and sees that children's access to social and cultural work is one of their fundamental rights.

In this context, the project aimed to enable children living in the villages listed below to enjoy watching animated films in their native language. Within the scope of the project, educational animations in Kurdish (previously produced for another project by Batman New Cinema Collective) and the Kurdish dubbed version of Hayao Miyazaki's animated film "My Neighbor Totoro" were screened.

The project will take place in the villages of the city of Batman.

1- Binatlı Village (Kurdish Name: Bilêyder) (In the city centre)
2- Yeni Çağlar Village (Kurdish Name: Zîlan) (in Kozluk County)
3- Bekirhan Town (Kurdish Name: Kaniya Xane) (in Kozluk County)
4- Kavakdibi (Kurdish Name: Melkişa) (in Kozluk County)
5- Yaylıca (Kurdish Name: Dirbesa) (in Kozluk County)
6- Demirlipinar Village (Kurdish Name: Mozgelan) (in the city centre)
7- Yeni Pınar Village (Kurdish Name: Kewerzo) (in the city centre)
8- Doğankavak Village (Kurdish Name: Hathatke) (in Beşiri County)
9- Hisar Village (Kurdish Name: Hessarê) (in Gercüş County)
10- Karpuzlu (Kurdish Name: Selîvê) (in Kozluk County)
11- Yanıkkaya - (Kurdish Name: İsmailka) (in Sason County)
12- Taşlıdere - (Kurdish Name: Holê) (in Sason County)
13- Heybeli - (Kurdish Name: Tanzê) (in Sason County)
14- Parmakkapi - (Kurdish Name: Huskut) (in Kozluk County)
15- Samanyolu - (Kurdish Name: Kanîkê) (in Kozluk County)

New Cinema Collective 

Batman Culture and Art Association and Batman Yeni Sahne Cultural Center came together in 2018 and established the New Cinema Collective, by refurbishing the 140-seat theatre stage of Yeni Sahne Cultural Center technically suitable for movie screenings so that the audience in Batman can watch independent movies.

New Cinema Collective has been screening feature and short films by independent filmmakers for 3 years. The collective, who occasionally organizes talks and workshops with the participation of directors, continues to bring cinema lovers together with independent cinema in Batman.

This page is published on 23 June 2022.