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Sunday Cinema

July - December 2022

Sunday Cinema Initiative was established as an organisation that aims to bring independent, artistic films responding social and human rights related problems to the audience in Mardin, as an alternative to the theatres venues that see cinema only as a part of the entertainment industry offering popular and box-office films. In addition to offering a film viewing experience, the collective aims to bring together the artists who took part in the production process of the films screened, and those who want to make films or be a part of the filmmaking process.

The initiative has previously tried to create systematic arthouse movie viewing platforms in Mardin through different initiatives (cinemardin, mordem, cafesinek, etc.). Although it had to take a break from this work from time to time due to the conditions in Mardin, the initiative continues to exist.

It aims to bring together people who are interested in cinema in Mardin, who want to work in this field or who just want to go beyond the current popular cinema viewing experience, to introduce them to professionals, to be an intermediary for the transfer of knowledge and experience, and to solve the problems that emerge in the production processes locally. It aims to create a sustainable cinema culture in Mardin and to enable local productions in this area.

Rojin Aslan Vesek

Rojin Aslan Vesek will lead the project on behalf of the Sunday Cinema Initiative. Having studied Photography and Cinema and TV, Vesek lives in Mardin and continues to work in the fields of graphic design, photography and videography. Vesek, who participated in projects and exhibitions of institutions such as Sabancı Museum, Tüyap, DSM, still prepares visual materials for many foundations and institutions.

This page is published on 23 June 2022.