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Tempo Primo

April 2023

Tempo primo is a unit of measure in music, and a hybrid sound installation that explores the relationship between place and auditory culture, and the borders of translocality through standardisation processes of units. With the help of rhythmic structures and templates in the West Mediterranean, it examines the shifting meaning of unrecorded auditory knowledge and the association between locality and knowledge production.

‘Tempo primo’ focuses on the 9-beat measure in music and the wooden spoon as its instrument. The project is an exploration into this syncopated rhythm, its cultural importance in the auditory history of the region as well as the transformation of its meaning and the reflection of that transformation in terms of sound.

Yağmur Uyanık

Yağmur Uyanık is an artist interested in the shifting positions of objects and tools, different ways of understanding time, hybridity in cultures and shifts in systems of knowledge production. Through explorations into materials and research on production, she mostly produces installations, sculptures, videos and sounds by utilising contemporary technologies and thought experiments that tackle technology and the history of knowledge production.

Uyanık has received her Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Istanbul Bilgi University and her master’s degree in Art & Technology from San Francisco Art Institute as a Fulbright scholar. Her work was shown internationally at institutions including Ars Electronica, Linz; ZKM Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe; Akbank Sanat, Istanbul; Sonar D+, Barcelona; Furtherfield Gallery, London; Geneva International Film Festival, Geneva; Exploratorium and Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco. Her work was featured in publications such as Archinet, Designcollector, Designmilk, and FRAME Magazine.

This page is published on 1 June 2022.