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The Antaios of Despair

9 April – 8 June 2022
Bahçelievler Multi-Storey Marketplace, Karşıyaka

Artists: Ecem Arslanay and Yiğit Tanel Kaçar, Sena Başöz, Hera Büyüktaşçıyan, Özgül Kılınçarslan, İz Öztat, Ezgi Tok

The dilemma of the time consumed while trying to win, accelerates and interferes with the essence of everything. The project, entitled "The Antaios of Despair", constitutes an invitation for every species deprived of their right to life in an order where individual choices evolve into global consequences, so that they can feel at home on this planet. This project proposes to create a future together in which it is still possible to achieve balance when we take the flow of nature as a guide as a unit of time. It aims to shed light on the slowdown in which it is possible to rewrite history in today's world, where the belief in the existence of hope is lost due to encountering new extinctions at every moment. Setting off from the need to experience life with all its fragility and its elements by slowing down, “The Antaios of Despair” questions the individual and social consequences of our choices through the way we handle time. The exhibition, which features the works of artists who produce in the field of video in Turkey, receives support from the unifying side of issues that are too united to be divided into continents.

The exhibition, which takes place at the Bahçelievler Multi-Storey Marketplace in Karşıyaka, Izmir, focuses on the effects that a state of consciousness that we give to the moment we live in can create on the world and our self. The project plans to bring together artists, local producers, researchers working in this field, and academics with speeches to be organised based on the concept of the exhibition.

General view from the exhibition entitled Forgive Me, I Can Speak No Louder, Eski Austro-Turk Tütün Deposu, 2018
Photo: Özgür Demirci


Izmir-based non-profit contemporary art platform Monitor focuses on video and film screenings, performances and talks. Monitor does not have a fixed space and organizes contemporary art- oriented displays in collaboration with existing art venues and alternative exhibition spaces. Monitor brings together artists from Turkey and abroad within a specific concept in each exhibition. Monitor aims to reach anyone interested in art and collaborates with Izmir-based artists, students, academicians, non-governmental organizations and universities. The purpose of this project is to create a display and discussion area in the field of contemporary art through collaborations in Izmir. Monitor also aims to bring innovations to the city in a conceptual and aesthetic sense by creating a formation apart from the ongoing structures and systems.

Photo: Özgür Demirci

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