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Aralık 2023 - Temmuz 2024

Placing the relations we establish with plants at its focus, the project sets off from the question, “What kind of a relationship are we in with the nature inside our homes?”, one that comes before the outdoor nature that surrounds us and one we have recently been frequently mentioning and sharing on the social media under the #urbanjungle hashtag. It aims to embark on an exploration into the details of the flora of Düzce, examining the increasing interest in the post-pandemic times towards growing plants in our homes, the form of relations we establish inside our walls with plants brought from various geographies, and how ‘real’ contact with the nature outside the walls can be achieved. While tracing our relationship with plants, the project aims to keep video and photo records of the process, thereby visualizing our distance to the nature and providing a perspective on our relation with our surroundings. A series of exhibitions is planned after the project, which will be debuted in Düzce, followed by Ankara and Istanbul. Project-focused artist speeches are planned in the related cities in the months following the exhibitions, as well as a photograph workshop in Düzce and two seminars on Düzce’s endemic plant species and cultural history.

Zeynep Gürler

Zeynep Gürler (1988, Ankara) graduated from the Gazi University Faculty of Fine Arts Painting Department in 2010. She received her graduate degree from the Institute of Fine Arts Art Painting Department of the same university, and her Doctor of Art degree from the Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli University Institute of Graduate Education Art Painting Department in 2021. Having participated in many national and international group exhibitions, the artist has been working as faculty member at the Düzce University Faculty of Art Design and Architecture Painting Department since 2017 and conducting her artistic activities in her personal workshop. 


This page is published on 7 December 2023.