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There is a Musicist in the Village

January – June 2023

The project brings Müzikist to the village with workshops and concerts that will enable children in the 6 villages of Bursa to become more acquainted with art in order to make artistic activities more accessible in the countryside. While exploring all the colours of music with workshops, There is a Müzikist in the Village / Anadolu Sanatdolu project aims to raise awareness for girls and their families who want to be involved in music through concerts by young women artists.


Since 2017, Müzikist haS been working to make art and art education more accessible. Müzikist workS together with hundreds of volunteers in order to support young artists and more effective art education on the axis of Art, Nature and Human. To date, İT has held 5 festivals, 3 music days, 2 online festivals and hundreds of workshops and seminars in many different cities.

This page is published on 19 January 2023.
Last update: 27 January 2023