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Transformation of Kırkayak Art Centre into an Open Space

Mayıs 2023 - Mayıs 2024

The overall goal of this project is to turn the Kırkayak Art Centre (Taşev) into an "open culture and art space", to ensure its corporate sustainability and ability to organize events. In order to increase the digital capacity of the art Centre, it is planned to increase the capacity of workshop and exhibition areas, video and film screening areas, especially initiating a podcast and video studio. Through transforming the venue into an exhibition space as a whole, an open exhibition space will be created for the works of artists from different segments of society, especially in Antep, including fields such as photography, art, video, etc. It is planned to hold 3 exhibitions during this project period. In addition, the weekly “Wednesday Film Screenings” will continue, and 120 films with different themes will be screened in approximately 34 weeks throughout the project. Throughout the project, the centre will be open to artists, NGOs working in the field of culture and arts. In this context, cultural and artistic activities will also be held here. It is very important that the works of cultural and art actors living in the city will be announced by the podcast studio to be created within the scope of this project since it will establish a memory for cultural and art events in the city. All works prepared in this studio will be delivered to the culture and art audience by using all the possibilities of the new media channels, and it will provide an opportunity for the development and recording of the urban culture of Gaziantep, which is an Anatolian city, in accordance with the principles written in the establishment of Kırkayak Kültür.

Raja Banout commemoration event

Kırkayak Kültür

Since its establishment in 2011, Kırkayak Kültür has been developing the culture of living together and cultural pluralism by creating voluntary contact areas where socio-economically different segments of society come together. It also continues to work on many fields such as the right to non-discrimination, refugee rights, minority rights, the right to participate in cultural and artistic life, and gender equality. While carrying out these activities, Kırkayak Kültür continues its activities by observing the principles of not leaving behind the disadvantaged and vulnerable segments of the society and newcomers (refugees and immigrants), gender equality, volunteerism and rights-based working principles. Kırkayak Kültür has two separate centres in Gaziantep, namely the Art Center and the Center for Migration and Cultural Studies. It continues its studies on social cohesion and access to rights with an understanding that promotes cultural pluralism under 6 programs titled as Culture - Art, Migration, Urban Studies, Cuisine || Matbakh Atelier (Gender Equality), Media for Living Together and Dom Studies. Since the first day, Kırkayak Kültür continues to work on a rights-based axis, as a Turkey-based non-governmental organization in fields of Immigrant/Refugee Rights, Cultural Exchange, Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Hate Speech, especially for Dom Communities living in the Middle East and other related groups with the NGOs and networks in Middle Eastern countries such as Jordan and Lebanon as well as many EU member countries.


This page is published on 5 October 2023.
Last update: 6 October 2023