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Travelling Cinema Dialogues: Kurdish Women's Images

Temmuz 2023 - Ocak 2024
Ovacık, Hozat,Merkez/TUNCELİ
Merkez, Silvan/DİYARBAKIR
Merkez, Gevaş/VAN

The project aims to bring examples from Kurdish Cinema to women who have not been to the movie theatre before, in three different cities and in seven different venues in total, over a period of seven months. Discursive analysis, patriarchy critiques and counter-memory transfers revealed as a result of the interaction and dialogues that the participants will establish with their own bodies through representations in the cinema and workshops will be recorded as a documentary in the project. In this way, every moment of the workshop will be recorded. Within the scope of the travelling cinema project, workshops will also be held on the dialogues shaped around women's experience and activities on what kind of relationality the images reconstructed with artistic forms create while taking into account the collective memory, the viewpoint of Kurdish women towards cinema and their subjectivity. Tunceli, Van and Diyarbakır will be included in our project initially. Workshops will be held with women in each city following the screenings, and surveys will be conducted by establishing dialogues with the participants about the movies. The travelling cinema screenings and workshops held within the scope of this project will not only highlight women's dialogues about their own subjectivity in cinema and open up images for discussion, but will also highlight a meeting about the female body speaking in the framework of urban memory and within the field of public struggle. In this sense, travelling cinema was not only designed as a cultural activity or documentary work, but it will also enable us to look at how women construct their own subjectivity through women's representations in Kurdish Cinema.

Nimet Gatar

Nimet Gatar (project coordinator) graduated from the Department of Archaeology in 2011 and worked as an archaeologist in Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality in 2016 for the Mesopotamian Women's Museum until the trustee process. She worked on "Women's representations in the new period Kurdish Cinema" as her master's degree in sociology between 2019-2021. In 2021, she worked with Hamit Bozarslan on «Masculinity in Kurdish Cinema» at Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales / EHESS Paris as part of the Erasmus internship project. She is currently working on her thesis on “Masculinity and Queer Representations in Kurdish Cinema” as a PhD student at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales / EHESS sociology department.


Women's Culture, Art and Literature Association/KASED has been established in 2019 with its headquarters located in Diyarbakır. The association aims to contribute to the improvement of living standards and to raise awareness through art by creating a common consciousness and awareness about women's human rights, gender equality and equal opportunity in society. In this context, the association will develop projects and carry out activities for personal and professional development of all women, young, old and adult (including their children and families) with or without disabilities in terms of participation in life in the fields such as literature, sociology, psychology, law, sustainability, economy, ecology, art, culture, etc. The main goal of the society is to help cultural and economic development of the society, especially women and children in particular through education and social services, and to conduct workshops, open up schools and courses for these purposes, to receive grants from local government organizations, public institutions, international organizations, the United Nations and the private sector, and to prepare projects for this purpose. 

Project Documentary Director

Devrim Tekinoğlu

He was born in 1974 in Ovacık district of Tunceli. While studying at Istanbul University, Hittitology Department in 1993, he also took folklore, photography and cinematography courses. In 2008, he founded a local newspaper called Dersim Hayat. He founded Fam publications in 2010. In 2013, he co-founded a Zazaki/Kirmanchi magazine called Ma. He released the documentary film "One Thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety Four" in 2017. He compiled and directed a Zazaki/Kirmanchi short animated film titled "Her Çi Ra Çiyê Beno/Everything Becomes Something" and published it on YouTube. After working on the booklet titled "Ovacık Guide", he became the co-author and publisher of the book titled "Dersim's Entry Gate Pertek". He directed the documentary film "Ra"

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