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Artistic Intervention in Public Spaces

The Installation
9 Artists, 1 Night

Video collage

Upper Mardin, night time. A group of women, with some materials in their hands, are "mixing things up" as if they are playing hide and seek. Some are architects, some are teachers. Some are college students. There are still some who continue their education, some are graduates. It appears that they are well coordinated and planning something. Nine women in total. Shuttling between Üçyol and the Faculty of Architecture, going back and forth between minibus stops along the first street, checking the Diyarbakır Gate… What's going on?

Here's what's happening: This is a much more organised artistic operation than I've told. It is an urban artistic intervention that started out with a call, then continued with gatherings, readings, presentations, discussions, is cultivated in the minds and hands of those who are part of it, shaped in the process and carried out in one night, some are still there to see and some have already vanished.

The Woman's Touch project presents the site-specific works of 9 woman artists from different art disciplines and with different experiences, applied by hit-and-run method on "defective" public spaces in Mardin.

Canan Budak / Project coordinator

This page is published on 9 November 2022.